PROJECT 62 - Own part of USA Class 62 locomotives 30075 and 30076

Join us and be an owner of your VERY OWN steam locomotives!

Have you, or one of your friends or family ever wanted to be the Owner and driver of your very own Steam Locomotive? Well here is your opportunity. "PROJECT 62" Locomotive Group is an independent consortium of railway enthusiasts, who decided to base 30075 and 30076 at Shillingstone on the Somerset & Dorset (S&D) Railway from January 2016. If you are interested in becoming a part owner in 30075 or 30076, no matter what age, we will be delighted to welcome you.

When operational, we can offer you driver experience courses, access to the engine footplate and, if you so desire, even to get your hands a little dirty working on the locomotive! An Ownership Certificate, Membership Card and regular Newsletters will also be yours when you join us.

PROJECT 62 holds an Annual General Meeting for all its members each Spring and from time to time there are free Members' Days operating Railways. Part Ownership Shares are available for 50 each, with a minimum initial purchase of five shares. Shares may be paid for in full with a one off payment, or in easy monthly payments from 5, by Bankers Standing Order. Even if you decide not to join us, donations, however small, are always gratefully received, towards the future ongoing maintenance & repairs of our locomotives.

30075 at the Churnet Valley Railway in February 2010

BUYING A SHARE IN PROJECT 62 - 30075 and 30076 offer a perfect opportunity to participate in ownership of a unique locomotive type associated with the Southern Railway. Not only will a share in these locomotives mean you have a stake in them, but it will also entitle the shareholder to access to the locomotives (on the final authority of the operating railway) as well as an opportunity to participate in its running. Project 62 needs to raise funds to keep both engines maintained.

Project 62 needs your help to ensure that the overhaul in progress on 30075 can be done swiftly so that the locomotive is out of traffic for the minimum time. Interested? Use this link to Email Project 62 for further detail and an application form or to find out how to make a donation.

All photos are copyright of Project 62 unless otherwise credited