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30075 and 30076 were both moved to Shillingstone in January 2016 and, after much preparation work, the overhaul of 30075 started in May. Meantime, 30076 has received a conserving cosmetic overhaul for display as a static exhibit. It is planned to keep the general public, as well as Project 62 Members, informed about the progress of the overhaul of 30075 via this web page. With teams working most weekends and Wednesdays it is anticipated that news will be posted here with photos on a monthly basis.

To volunteer to assist please contact Project 62 Locomotive Liaison Officer Dave Brown by email: More detail can also be found on our VOLUNTEER PAGE.

If you are able to assist financially with the overhaul costs, estimated to be around 50,000 we would also like to hear from you. Project 62 has secured "Match Funding" for up to 30,000 value so the value of every Pound you can donate towards the overhaul will be automatically doubled! Email: if you can help in this way.

Shares are also still available if you would like to become a part owner of your very own steam locomotives. Follow this link for more information - SHARE SCHEME

Volunteers - please send work updates with photos as applicable by email using THIS LINK. Please try to keep image file sizes smaller than 150kB.

Overhaul Progress

March 2017

Work has continued with removal of cab fittings. The manifold and remaining cladding/insulation over the firebox within the cab has now been removed. Work has continued grinding off the tube end welds inside the firebox - Howard approaches the 20th tube end to be ground off (of a total of 150 to be done) and a general view of track bed work in the Station where track recently recovered from a quarry near Salisbury by the Shillingstone Project will eventually be laid.

February 2017

Work continues in the cab removing fittings in preparation to lift the cab from the frames, the manifold has been stripped of most of the associated control valves as seen in the picture above left. The centre photo shows the ends of the 150 smoke tubes at the firebox end of the boiler, each these tubes will be replaced as part of the overhaul. Project 62 volunteer Howard Fry is seen grinding off the tube end welds which secure the tubes in place in the picture on the right.

January 2017

Work in the New Year has seen further removal of cab fittings in preparation to lft the cab. Photos (top row) show the fire hole with door now removed, the inside of the firebox with the brick arch removed (in preparation to commence grinding off the tube ends) and the driver's side of the cab with the vacuum and steam brake controls removed. The lower row of photos shows the firebox cladding area where the sander controls were mounted, the middle shot is of Tom Homewood removing the injector steam contol valves on the fireman's side of the cab and finally Dave Brown using some heat to help loosen the large nut holding the steam pipe union to the turbo-generator.

November/December 2016

Most of the pipework connecting the steam manifold to associated equipment has been removed as well as the steam and vacuum pipes from the brake system. Drain pipes have also been removed and all are now undergoing cleaning and assessment for re-use where appropriate. Preparations to lift the cab off the locomotive are underway and, once clear, we will be able to assess the best method to lift the boiler off the locomotive frames - it is hoped sometime early 2017. In preparation for December Christmas Events 30076 has been given a tinsel and bauble "make-over" - she looks very festive as the first display you see on entering the site. The Shillingstone Railway Project has also been active in acquiring rail infrastructure over this period - rail that will eventually form the running line for Yankee Tanks 30075 and 30076.

October 2016

During October further boiler and firebox cladding was removed. Fittings in the cab such as the reverser lever and mount plus the drain cock controls were also removed, along with associated linkages. Strip down of the steam manifold in the cab and removal of brake gauges also occurred. We now have an increasing number of parts off 30075 - large and small - that require cleaning, refurbishing and or painting. Please contact us via our Locomotive Liaison Officer Dave Brown by email: if you are able to assist with this part of our work.

September 2016

Work continued in September to prepare and remove the boiler cladding and insulation between the boiler and the cladding. Photos show 30075 with the first section of cladding and insulation removed on the section behind the smokebox, with Project 62 volunteers Tim and James releasing the banding securing the centre section in place. The centre photo shows volunteers Richard and James releasing the centre cladding section as it is lifted away and finally James and Richard again lowering the cladding section for storage prior to refurbishing.

Whilst one gang worked to remove the boiler cladding, a second team (Ian and Keith - first photo with Project 62 Locomotive Liaison Officer Dave Brown in the second photo) worked in the cab to remove the firebox fittings such as the gauge glasses and regulator control handle. A start was then made on removing the cladding from the firebox as detailed in the third photo.

Volunteers James, Wayne, Dave, Tim and Ian enjoy the sun at the end of a good day's work!

August 2016

The remaining wooden cab floor sections on the fireman and driver's plinths were removed to reveal the cab to steel floor plate retaining bolts in those sections. The cab to floor retaining nuts and bolts were cleaned off, lubricated and slackened - along with the cab side to roof retaining nuts. Further work to clear the boiler of fittings occurred with the removal of the clack valves and associated pipework, which had been revealed following the removal of the water tanks in July. The boiler to frame retaining strap at the firebox end of the boiler was also removed.

July 2016

Work continued to lubricate and slacken nuts and bolts to prepare for dismantling external boiler fittings and cladding and emptying items such as the sand boxes. By mid month the two sand boxes and steam dome cover were removed.

The final weekend of July saw the two water tanks taken off, following removal of the front access steps from the buffer beam to the tank tops. 30075 is effectively no longer complete for display purposes and is now attracting much interest from the public who now have overhaul activity to watch and photograph.

June 2016

Following preparations in the smoke box, the two steam pipes were removed.

As the wooden decking on the main part of the cab floor was in poor condition, this was also removed. The steel plate of the cab floor was found to be in excellent condition with much evidence of the red lead primer having done its job over the last 12 years!

May 2016

The real physical work of the overhaul has started with the inside of the smokebox being cleared of years of soot and rust beneath. Removal of the concrete sealant at the base of the blast pipe and preparation to remove the two steam pipes has been undertaken. Work will be ongoing to remove all boiler fittings, water tanks and cladding with a view to lifting the boiler so that the frames and motion can be worked on later.

January to April 2016

Following transport of 30075 and 30076 to Shillingstone on 20th January, initial conservation work was undertaken. The locomotives were moved into position for initial display and showing at the "50th Anniversary of the Closure of the Somerset & Dorset Railway" commemoration event held over the weekend of 5th to 6th March. 30075 received liberal coatings of oil/paraffin to shine up her now somewhat faded BR Black livery, this also started the process of lubricating all the external fixtures scheduled for removal during the strip down process. After stabilising 30076's finish, removing loose and flaking paint, this locomotive received a coat of black paint to conserve and also a BR logo, cabside number "30076" and tape "lining out" improve the look of the engine for visitor interest and to give an impression of things to come!


Updated 7th April 2017