Project 62 - Links to External Steam Locomotive and Heritage Railway Sites

North Dorset Railway Trust - 30075's base for current firebox repair work at Shillingstone

British Heritage Railways alphabetical listing - for information regarding other heritage railways

iRail - heritage and model railway listings

The Siding - photos of modern and steam traction including a super photo of 30075

RailServe - The Internet Rail Directory with links to more than 13,000 websites

For Heritage Railways operating USA 0-6-0T locomotives:-

Bluebell Railway - home of USA tank 30064 (currently liveried as USATC WD1959)

Kent & East Sussex Railway - base of 30065/DS237 "Maunsell" and 30070/DS238 "Wainwright"

Keighley & Worth Valley Railway - for USA tank locomotive 30072

Goes-Borsele Railway Museum - steam centre in South West Netherlands. Until recently operated Davenport built USA Tank Locomotive WD4389 which is now awaiting overhaul. Site in Dutch language

Davenport built WD4389 "Ing. HF Enter" on the Goes-Borsele Railway - date and credit unknown

Sites dedicated to or containing information about USA tank locomotives overseas:-

Slovenian Railway Museum - 60 locomotives with "virtual reality" tours. The curator of the museum is Professor Mladen Bogic who helped Project 62 locate and purchase 30075

Tractive Efforts - Steam in China, follow site links for detail of the XK2 class

Store Steel - the home of 62-669 prior to purchase by Project 62 in 1990

ArcelorMittal Zenica - from whom 62-521 was acquired to construct 30076

Other sites of interest:-

Steam - the GWR Swindon Works museum. USA tanks were assessed here and formed a basis for the GWR/Western Region 1500 series Pannier Tanks designed by Hawksworth

OVS Bulleid was responsible for the design modifications to the USA 0-6-0T steam locomotives which were taken into Southern Railway stock in 1946. For more detail about Bulleid's work click on this link to the Bulleid Society pages

Eastleigh Railway Preservation Society - for history of Eastleigh Works where the USA Class was rebuilt from the USATC S100 to form the 14 Southern/BR locomotives 30061-74 plus news of locomotives 828 "Harry A Frith" and 850 "Lord Nelson

Links to News of other USA Tank Locomotives in Europe

Pascal Bourrel, a USATC S100 enthusiast based in France, has emailed us with an update on the status of two USA 0-6-0T's, one of which saw service in France with SNCF after World War II. SNCF 030-TU-13 (USATC WD6102) is no longer a plinthed exhibit on static display near Caen in Normandy. The locomotive is now housed at the museum depot of Pont-Erambault and members there are working to restore the locomotive and the original line "Caen Flers" back in service. More detail at - click "Le Depot Virtuel" in the top banner to view the loco in the former station and click "Loco 030 TU" to read the history of the locomotive and Class in France.

Pascal also recommends a visit to site where information about locomotives 030-TU-13 and 22 can be found.

The second locomotive in France of which we have news, is recent import from the Balkans - JZ Class 62 62-046. Now operational on the "Train a vapeur du Val de Provence" on the line from Chateaurenard to Noves, see link . This locomotive is running as 030-TU-46, though the original SNCF locomotive of this number (USATC 1983) no longer exists, it was once based in the depot of Miramas (information found on . This page gives the full roster of SNCF’s 030-TU class).

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